2017 Starts New Era in Sport with Establishment of RecruitUS

Posted: 12/31/2016 2:10PM EDT

TROY, Mich. – Football. Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. What do these four sports have in common when it comes to college athletics? A gateway of recruiting resources.

From high school all-star games to endless media publicity, to million dollar head coaching salaries to full ride scholarship offers, the four major sports in the United States have never suffered from the resources needed to recruit top high school talent to the collegiate level.

But how about the other sports? The sports that just as many athletes participate in but yet they don’t receive nearly half the attention of the four previously mentioned. In 2017, those sports will begin to find their voice with the establishment of RecruitUS, a Michigan-based LLC that aims to get as many high school athletes recruited to the collegiate level as possible through their multiple services.

The mission of RecruitUS is, “to assist high school athletes in the collegiate recruiting process by providing them with the necessary resources to gain maximum exposure and engagement opportunities.”

The company was founded in 2015 by current co-owners Kenneth DeGraaf (President), Cole Paczas (Vice President) and Andrew Alisa (Chief Technology Officer.) After two years of investing, planning, and building their company, RecruitUS is officially ready to launch its first event on April 9th of this year with the inaugural RecruitUS Collegiate Bowling Showcase at Sterling Lanes in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

“We wanted to start with a sport that is on the upswing and has a strong footing in the Metro Detroit area,” said DeGraaf. “Bowling is a sport that is certainly on the rise on both the high school and collegiate scale and serves as the number one participation sport in the country.”

While DeGraaf says bowling will be the only sport the company focuses on its inaugural year, 2018 will feature the company adding one more TBA sport and 2019 will see the firm climb up to four sports in the firm’s slow paced and high detailed strategy.

“When we first started the idea of RecruitUS, we were shooting ideas off the wall left and right,” he said. “Heck, we wanted to do 12 sports in our first year. We realized, however, quality, not quantity, will help us gain the trust in our consumers to succeed well into the future.”

“These showcase events will be our primary services to start,” said Vice President Paczas. “Basically, we are eliminating the many recruiting trips both parties end up making by bringing them to one centralized location for the ultimate day of collegiate recruiting. It saves money for everyone, and more importantly, gets that high school athlete to college easier than ever before.”

The newly founded LLC will host a company launch fundraiser on Sunday, March 5th at Bowl One Lanes in Troy, MI from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. The $30 per person fundraiser will feature three games of cosmic bowling, pizza, pop, free giveaways, music and more while supporting the RecruitUS vision of getting as many high school athletes recruited to the collegiate level as possible.

"This is exciting for all of us at RecruitUS," said DeGraaf. "Getting high school athletes the resources they need to blossom at the collegiate level is something we are very passionate about. I couldn't think of a better group of people, and better place than the Detroit area to start this. One athlete at a time, I hope we can become the best recruiting platform between high school athletes and collegiate coaches."

Those interested in attending the launch fundraiser should RSVP here.